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OpenUp calls for startups: BNP Paribas boosts business by combining innovation with collaboration

OpenUp, the matching platform from BNP Paribas, has been updated, multiplying business opportunities for all startups who wish to participate in the projects in which the Group is involved
Laura Zanotti

For a long time BNP Paribas has been focusing on responding to customers’ needs even before they arise. And what is certain is that, in a changing market, speed remains crucial. For this reason, BPN Paribas has launched a strategy aimed at entering into collaboration agreements with the appropriate companies, in order to best define service objectives and achieve results. Indeed, the value of collaboration does not depend on age, geography or technological skill set, but on the quality of expertise and opportunities that arise each day.


OpenUp: A.A.A. Wanted: Startups

To promote the exchange between supply and demand, 2016 saw the creation of OpenUp, a digital platform that puts into effect the new key to collaboration for the Group. And the objective? Connecting startups with all of BNP Paribas’s business opportunities. The success of the initiative can be demonstrated by the fact that between 2016 and 2017, OpenUp led to no less than 11 Italian projects, initiated by BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas and BNP Paribas Cardif and implemented both nationally and internationally. With the same spirit, OpenUp is involved in the 4th edition of the Open-F@b Call4Ideas, the international contest promoted by BNP Paribas Cardif Italy, that this year will reward the three most innovative ideas on Preventive Insurance.

The latest development from these past few weeks is the announcement that in November a new version of OpenUp will be rolled out: one that is richer and more functional.


The philosophy of the matching platform

Let’s examine OpenUp in more detail. What is it, exactly? It’s a digital platform, devised to bring together the world of supply and demand in a different and more innovative manner. The underlying strategy is to connect the huge pool of resources represented by startups with the worldwide network of BNP Paribas business partners.

So how does it work? Any startup can join OpenUp: whether it's participating in an initial pilot project or in a number of different projects. BNP Paribas is always on the lookout for startups who are ready to work and to fully engage themselves with the flexibility and commitment of a partner.

Gaining access to OpenUp is easy: just sign up via the BNP Paribas website, or using the mobile app (iOS and Android). This will allow you to become part of an exclusive ecosystem of relationships and skills that will enable partners to help bring to fruition the best projects aimed at accelerating many new business opportunities in support of customers around the world.


The philosophy of the matching platform

One of the strengths of OpenUp is affirming innovation as a team ethic. Indeed, when putting together knowledge, methodologies and best practices, the technical side of this is less important, while the human element comes to the forefront. It is not only teams of designers and engineers of the product who participate in the projects, but also all the exponents of the world of innovation in diverse fields: from procurement to IT, legal experts to compliance specialists.



17 October 2017
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