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It’s the one created by the French software house Splio, which got a 10 million euro investment by BNP Paribas Développement, Bpifrance and Amundi Private Equity Funds. The aim: develop SPRING, the system that allows you to develop client relationships “as a service”

Published on 08 May 2017

Splio, a French company operating for 15 years in the retail software, has closed a round of funding for 10 million euro. An operation of sheer open innovation, as among investors there are also large companies such as BNP Paribas banking group through its subsidiary BNP Paribas Développement, a company created in 1988 to invest in SMEs recognizing minority interests and that in 2016 founded a facility that invests in startup, both in the initial and subsequent stages.

” We are impressed by the self-financed development of Splio, which managed to open sales offices in 5 countries including China”, said Delphine Larrandaburu, responsible for equity investments of BNP Paribas Développement. “It is the proof of the execution capabilities of the company, able to increase the scalability of the business model in the coming years “.

The company, based in Italy, has developed an innovative solution, as a service (SaaS) specialized for Retail and Luxury brands worldwide. With the recent investment the aim is to focus precisely on technology development and service spread. The founder of the platform brought together a new management team aiming to capitalize on the existing customer base, becoming the reference point of this market.

” After 15 years of self-funded and profitable development, we’ve become an important player in the omnichannel marketing” said Raphaël Jore, President and Co-founder of SPLIO. “Nowadays these new resources will allow us to develop SPRING, the exclusive platform for Customer Experience in SaaS mode, specialized for Retail and Luxury brands “.

” We have the perfect solution, the answer to the current needs of companies”, said Mireille Messine, CEO. “This capital increase will allow us to strengthen our structure, invest in innovation, increase brand awareness and dissemination of our platform”.

The customer experience is an issue we have often spoken whereof in recent months, due to the importance it has assumed for all enterprises addressing their products and services to the final consumer. Even insurance companies are moving in this direction, namely toward improving the customer experience in the different moments of relationship, and is therefore one of the areas where even insurtech startup are focusing more. Even the Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2016 BNP Paribas Cardif and InsuranceUp (in partnership with PoliHub) was devoted to the topic of Customer Experience in insurance: on 29 November, the Grand Final will be held in Milan, with 14 finalists and the announcement of the three winners, who will have the opportunity to pursue a path with the Company for the implementation of the project.

The Spring Splio technology is designed to be the perfect answer for all brands to build a valuable relationship with its customers. A single platform combining any essential element to implement a true «digital customer hub» able to provide a complete view of the consumer journey, whatever the channels of interaction with the brand. The company wants to let companies switch from traditional CRM, to its CEM evolution, from managing customer relationships to the dynamic management of the customer experience, which can and must always be more customized.

“A dynamic view of customer experience is getting more and more important – said Fabio Maglioni, country manager of Splio Italy in an interview with Mobile4Innovation – starting from the idea that each of us has a different profile depending on the conditions being experienced and the moment when it occurs”. We are emotionally and intellectually different when we are at work, at home, on vacation or during a pleasant but intense situation such as a sporting passion. We are still us, but our profile changes, taking on different features in respect of which we become sensitive to different proddings. The Customer Experience Management must be able to monitor this dynamic vision of profiles and should be able to allow the carrying out of actions which results from a weighted evaluation of these differences so as to bring the utmost attention to each customer”.

In this video how Spring works

SPRING – Customer Experience Management Solution in SaaS Mode from Splio on Vimeo.

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