Digital transformation, how to buy your car in the comfort of your couch

Thanks to the agreement between the Italian startup brumbrum and Findomestic, a totally digital process has been created to purchase a vehicle with financing, improving the customer experience. The startup partnership with the BNP Paribas Group, which began with Arval, is being strengthened

Published on 20 Oct 2018

The revolution in the automotive sector is all-encompassing: not only is technology deeply changing the “car” product (which becomes connected, electric, driverless), but also the ancillary services (from the car policies), the methods of use (with sharing services) and even the purchasing process, which becomes increasingly digital. According to a Nielsen survey currently 75% of Italians choose the car to buy on the web. However, users can go further than searching for information and reviews and comparing prices. 

For example, a second-hand car, 0 km or long term rental, fully guaranteed, can be purchased online and received directly at home, thanks to the service of the young Italian company brumbrum – defined as a direct online car dealer – that created a platform where customers can choose, browsing through a wide range of information and using a series of filters, the vehicle best approaching their needs. 

And more: thanks to the recent agreement with Findomestic, brumbrum is the first company in Italy to offer its customers the opportunity to make the entire process of car purchase with financing directly on the web. 

In other words, while simply relaxing on your couch, you can choose, finance and buy your car completely online. Delivered at home as well. 

As Alessandro Lazzeri, Automotive Market Director of Findomestic, states in this article of EconomyUp, “The agreement we have signed with brumbrum not only represents an important business opportunity, but it also allows us to highlight some of the issues that Findomestic is very keen on. Digital transformation, which has long characterized our company’s activities, finds its application in the improvement of the customer experience, allowing the customer to choose the most suitable purchase path and making it increasingly enjoyable, safe and simple.” 

The customer experience is indeed a key topic in the trade of any product nowadays, as proven by Amazon. 

Brumbrum and Findomestic make it simple, immediate and fast: once the desired second-hand car has been chosen on brumbrum’s website, the financing installment can be calculated, customized according to personal needs and subscribed completely online. An innovative, easy and free service which allows to shorten the time required to provide the financing within a few hours from the signing of the contract, thus offering the possibility to complete the entire purchasing process very quickly. 

With this last agreement, the startup strengthens its partnership with BNP Paribas Group, started with Arval (a company of the Group that deals with long-term rental and management of corporate fleets) that led to the offer on the platform of second-hand cars guaranteed by Arval. 

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