Digital360 Awards 2019, digital innovation is possible (also for insurance companies)

The Digital360 Awards 2019, the contest sponsored by the Digital360 Group to promote digital innovation in Italy, also proved to be a parterre for innovation in Insurance. Big Data, IoT and Artificial Intelligence are the leading technologies

Published on 10 Aug 2019

Concetta Desando


Have full control of the data generated by the blackboxes. Digitize all documents, including those of the board of directors, with maximum security. Or manage all your data in the cloud to generate new business models. “Even in Italy you can make cutting-edge and concrete innovation,” says Andrea Rangone, CEO of Digital360 Group. And the projects awarded by a jury composed of 100 CIOs and top managers of the most important public and private organizations in the country in the 2019 edition of the Digital360 Awards, an initiative of the Group to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital environment, generating a virtuous mechanism for sharing experiences between companies, suppliers, startups, institutions and research centers, are further confirmation of the work that companies, tech-companies and startups are doing to bring digital into organizations and business processes. 

The cases selected for the Digital360 Awards are also of interest to insurance companies, especially for the technologies used, from artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things. 

Starting with the Viasat Group’s project designed specifically for the insurance market, based on Cloud and IoT. A project in line with Viasat’s mission, committed to offering solutions to insurance companies that allow them to implement new business models. Developed together with Wiit, a company that provides private and hybrid cloud hosted services, and aimed at meeting the new needs of the insurance market, Viasat’s solution consists in the development of cloud platforms that meet the need to manage and process big data reports in real time and the need to build an integrated platform of services for the end user based on artificial intelligence. 

Aimed at Companies that want to innovate their services is Platform IoT, a project carried out by Agile Lab (a company specializing in the supply of big data applications, their prize-giving in the cover picture) to meet the challenge of using the huge amount of data collected by the increasingly widespread black boxes on vehicles. As ZeroUno reports, this is a technological solution that allows to manage IoT data on a large scale, coming from any device capable of providing analytical outputs in near real time, while maintaining all the post processing functions. With a specific objective: to promote new business models among the actors that revolve around mobility, looking, in particular, at the world of insurance. 

Among the finalist projects of the contest, there is also Emily, Credem’s chatbot. The project includes a voice assistant on Facebook Messenger, developed with the IT consultancy Quix and based on Google’s cloud platform. The insurance industry can benefit greatly from chatbots, especially in terms of efficiency, transparency and speed in the relationship with the customer. Not surprisingly, many insurtech startups are moving in this direction. 

Cloud4Wi, instead, is a Pisan company that offers Artificial Intelligence applications to help companies better understand and engage users. She was awarded in the category “CRM/Solutions for Marketing and Sales” for a project that uses customer insight to customize the user experience. Cloud4Wi has created for the bed and mattress manufacturer PerDormire a platform to implement customer insights in its stores (over 110) throughout Italy. But this is not the first time this company has stood out at the Digital360 Awards. As early as 2016, in fact, he won the contest with a solution that has not gone unnoticed by the insurance world: a digital marketing solution capable of creating opportunities for the timing with which a policy offer could reach the customer. 

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