Mobile and social lead the transformation of the insurance

The relationship between companies and customers is changing as a result of digitalisation. The future belongs to companies that will be empathic, offering protection, rather than insurance. How? Moving from a business approach to an increasingly Human Centric one

Published on 12 Jul 2016

Mobile and Social Caring are basic issues for the change of pace in the relationship between insurance companies and their customers, as testified at Digital4, three key players in the sector: Cardif, Barclays and Axa.

“Mobile has become an integral part of the human being: it is necessary to design a customer journey in terms of Mobile First, which considers the customer’s perspective” said Riccardo Samela, Head of Digital Marketing & Communication of Cardif.

“The increased focus on digital channels and the development of an omnichannel strategy, will enable to bridge the information gap towards the customer, moving from a business approach to an increasingly Human Centric one”, says Cristiano Motto, Head of Information Management Europe at Barclays.

“To be efficient the Social channel must have three characteristics: be immediate, decisive of the question submitted and integrated with other channels”. “Our agencies have access to a dedicated Facebook page, through which can better manage the relationship with their policyholders” – said Nicoletta Ucci, Digital Manager for Axa said Nicoletta Ucci, Digital Manager for Axa.

We recently reported as in Europe the demand for innovative digital services for banks and insurance companies is growing: many customers are ready to quickly change the financial provider that does not interact with advanced technologies.

These technologies are those that can redraw the entire user experience, which must pass from the current fragmented and multi-channel, to an integrated omnichannel one, and here is the challenge for insurance.

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