Photo as a Service for insurers thanks to an agreement between Octo Telematics and Whoosnap

When signing or renewing a car insurance policy, insurers can have access to a new on-line service to request vehicle pictures. A certified photographer, once taken photos, will immediately upload them on the Next Generation Platform

Published on 19 Oct 2017

Photo as a Service for the insurance sector as the insurtech element of the most disruptive innovation. Recently a strategic partnership has been announced between Whoosnap, a startup born in 2015 by an idea of the CEO and founder Enrico Scianaro and originated by the Luiss Enlabs program, and Octo Telematics, a telematic services provider who is engaged in recording and processing statistical information on drivers habits for the precise definition of the risk associated with the user.

The target? Transform photographic and documental management to support litigations and sign new and renewable policies, in a cheaper and faster on demand service. In the age of the Internet of Things and crowd economy, therefore, it is the creative force of a startup to give a boost to the business.

Next Generation Platform: information in a click

The agreement will guarantee the provision of photos as a service to all the requiring insurances. The service is focused on the Octo Telematics Next Generation Platform (Ngp), we had already talked about it here, and on Insoore. The latter is the specific application developed by Whoosnap for insurance companies, which will thus have access to on-demand pictures of vehicles or accidents, made by a community of amateur photographers and certified by Whoosnap community. In this way, besides reducing costs, it will also be possible to simplify claim management processes.

“The insurance industry has been altered by technology – Jonathan Hewett, Octo Telematics Chief Marketing Officer explained -. Drivers try to get full access to a range of products by just a click. The Ngp insurtech ecosystem has been designed to support companies of any size, from recognizable brands as our partners, to small innovators”.

Foto as a Service: here are changes for insurances

How does the service work? Insurers, when entering or renewing a car insurance policy, will be able to access Insoore and request the images of the vehicle in question. A certified photographer will take photos and upload them to the platform. Insurers will thus be able to get the pictures at prices cheaper than the rates charged for professional photos. The same process can take place in the event of a complaint. In this case, insurers may request evidence of vehicle damage through the pictures, which will help to assess the accident on the most objective basis. This is a winning solution both for the speed and security of the certification system that guarantees the authenticity of the shots.

As explained by Whoosnap’s CEO and founder Enrico Scianaro: “We’ve created Whoosnap to give brands and newspapers on demand access to news and photo of extraordinary events, while at the same time offering amateur photographers the possibility to earn from their shots. Insoore is the branch for insurance companies, which can benefit from immediately available and quality photographic evidence, especially in claims management, cutting down expenses. This tool represents a cost-cutting aid and a useful help to strengthen cooperation between insurers and customers”.

In the era of disruption, incorporating Insoore on the new IoT Next Generation Platform (developed with the support of Salesforce, Software AG, Sas, Sape of Deloitte and Capgemini consulting firms) by Octo Telematics will surely make the difference.

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