The e-commerce grows and policies are among the favorite products

The annual research of Netcomm and PayPal states the following: 60.9% of Italians online has made at least one purchase on the network in the last 3 months. They buy mostly travel, tourism, electronics and insurance services

Published on 12 Jul 2016

Italians more and more e-shoppers and increasingly mobile, in particular like apps. 18.8 million Italians have purchased via the web in the last 3 months and 12.8 million have purchased online at least once a month.

55% of users are younger than 44 and 53% are men.

The latter are regular buyers, able to generate 90% of the value of online purchases of Italians. These are some of the evidences of “Retail Net: the role of digital in the purchases made by Italians”, the research for Netcomm and PayPal, carried out by Human Highway, and presented at the XI edition of the Netcomm eCommerce Forum.

“In five years we moved from 9 million to over 18 million online shoppers: a doubling in demand that should give pause to companies. In the first quarter of this year the percentage of the purchases originated by mobile device was 21%, about half on a website and the other half via apps. About 4 million Italian consumers, in fact, have made a purchase through apps; 3 million have purchased by smartphones and 1 million via the tablet. – said Roberto Liscia, Netcomm President. In addition, it is worth noting that if with the eCommerce shops have gone online, what we are experiencing right now is another evolutionary leap in the sector, with the arrival of the digital into the physical store. The digital buyer might want to be recognized in a store, having a virtual shelf with products of interest, identified on the basis of previous purchases, to know how social contacts review them, enjoying personalized promotions, being invited to browse in the store, by micro-localization tools and paying by a click”.

What is bought on the network? The average expenditure for the purchase of digital goods and services is higher than for physical products, such that the value of purchases by category shows a distribution concentrated in a few classes: to excel are travel and tourism products, followed by electronic tools, insurance, clothing and accessories. 55.6% of the value of online purchases recorded in February 2016 are generated by products and 44.4% for digital goods services. Categories showing the strongest relative growth in the last year are food, footwear, cosmetics and health & wellness products. A good trend for Holidays, Smartphone & Furnishings.

Here the full article on the research of Netcomm and PayPal about e-commerce in Italy.

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