The first Italian insurtech incubator: the Mansutti Innovation Center is here! (photo gallery)

The long-standing insurance broker Mansutti launched the project at its headquarters in Milan, investing € 2.5 million. “We created the incubator sure of its usefulness and effectiveness in implementing solutions to effectively transform the services market” said Tomaso Mansutti, the CEO

Published on 26 Aug 2019

MIC – Mansutti Innovation Center is now here: 1060 square meters, 230 seats, designed to be the first Italian insurtech incubator. MIC is the first Italian incubator of innovative startups in the insurance industry and its implementation, as its name suggests, is carried out by the independent insurance broker Mansutti, who launched the project at its headquarters in Milan, Via Fabio Filzi, investing 2.5 million euros. 

The Innovation Lab already hosts innovative projects directly engaged by Mansutti: Wefox Insurtech platform, where Mansutti is the founding partner for Italy; Yolo, the most advanced and flexible Italian platform to create and manage the on-demand insurance offer, where Mansutti is one of the main shareholders; and Lunalabs, a startup focused on the creation of customized insurance platforms. 

In line with our commitment to the development of increasingly smarter ideas, projects and innovative solutions, we have created the incubator, confident in its usefulness and effectiveness to create solutions designed to effectively change the insurance services sector. Always looking for new and cutting-edge solutions, investing in new projects and insurtech startups are some of the long-term challenges we set as a group. In creating the MIC, we imagined a space structure suited to interaction and shaped as a network, in other words a system containing basically an endless series of connections, where the logic of connectivity and non-sequentiality are the key features, said Tomaso Mansutti, CEO of Mansutti S.p.A. 

MIC is divided into two areas: MIC Work, where the startups develop and perform their research and business activities, a coworking with cutting-edge technologies; any aspect has been carefully designed with exclusive details: the lighting system, for example, artificially recreates the sunlight, most of the furnishings are electronically adjustable, the quality of the air is controlled by a special monitoring system; and the MIC Meeting, an area for meetings and conferences that can host up to 172 people. 

Here is a photo-preview of MIC areas. 

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