BivwAk!, the BNP Paribas accelerator for in-house innovation is now fostering open innovation

Set up in 2017, BivwAk! is BNP Paribas’ in-house accelerator, created to support the Group transformation and steady development. This year, for the first time, the winners of the Open-f@b Call4Ideas contest, BNP Paribas Cardif open innovation contest, will also get the chance to access it

Published on 07 Sep 2021

Founded in 2017, BivwAk! is BNP Paribas’ in-house accelerator, created to support the Group transformation and steady development through a pool of resources, to support in-house departments and teams to kick-start their projects. This year, for the first time, the winners of the Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021 contest, the eighth edition of BNP Paribas Cardif open innovation initiative, will also be given access to it. 

The call, cast in partnership with InsuranceUp and PNI Cube, will choose the best innovative projects under the topic “More Accessible Insurance” among the awards, two members of each winning team can present their project and meet the other startups invited to BivwAk!. 

BivwAk!, how the BNP Paribas Group’s accelerator works 

First set up to support and accelerate internal projects across different business lines, BivwAk! was established in Paris in 2017. Today, it has become a full-fledged transformation hub, with a 3,500 m² space dedicated to innovative projects and strategic initiatives spanning divisions across the Group, with a capacity for 25 projects accelerated at once. 

Pianificazione finanziaria alla guida della Digital Transformation: le migliori strategie
Application Lifecycle Management

BivwAk! is built to offer opportunities for cross-department experiences, apply new working methods and spread the culture of innovation. It focuses specifically on human capital, with initiatives created to improve team performance and develop new skills. 

The four pillars of BivwAk! 

The offer of BivwAk! is based on four main pillars: project acceleration, personal upskilling, team performance, and a meeting place for discussion and ideas exchange.. 

Projects Acceleration 

The first function of the accelerator is to support high-potential projects, with the aim of establishing new products and services and supporting continuous transformation and innovation. 

Depending on the maturity of the project, it is possible to choose the most suitable level of support, from the initial phase of concept and vision, to the creation of a sound structure, up to the definition of an operational pattern to create a Minimum Viable Product. 

Personal Upskilling 

BivwAk! also serves as a learning hub, with a wide range of resources and courses (both on-site and remote) to train skills in high-potential areas. 

A particular focus is given to the topics of Data & New Tech, from AI to blockchain; Methodologies, from agile, hybrid and remote working to data analytics; Positive Impact Business, to learn how to manage social and green challenges. 

Team Performance 

BivwAk! brings teams and communities together to foster the development of leadership and project management skills in a challenging and structured setting. 

A key function of BivwAk! is to empower synergy among different project coordinators and teams, introducing them to new methods of project management. 

Physical and virtual meeting place 

Finally, the incubator plays the role of both physical and digital basecamp to allow the connection among the different players of the Group and promote innovation and cross-sector synergies. 

It offers physical spaces for workshops and conferences, resources and access to the Group network, with the possibility to work as part of a community of innovators, as well as a dedicated app to share ideas even by remote. 

Focus on Sustainability 

In line with BNP Paribas’ sustainability and accessibility strategy, which is also represented in the Call4Ideas, BivwAk! has been the cradle of several projects and initiatives with a positive impact. 

From sustainability for the Group employees and the work-life balance issue, to efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, to projects focused on social issues, to green finance, BivwAk! is a strong example of BNP Paribas commitment to sustainable innovation. 

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