Digital Battle, last week, vote the startups of D Group

The last five startups are facing each other in the Digital Battle, from November 4th to 9th. Vote for DoctorTag, Equs, Keyless, SaveBiking, WhoTeach, Keyless, SaveBiking, WhoTeach.

Published on 11 Dec 2020

The Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2020 contest dedicated to the Next Normal, launched on July 6, closed the bidding space on September 30th, giving BNP Paribas Cardif’s experts the opportunity to review and select, among the many candidates, the 20 initiatives facing the Digital Battle, which opened on October 14th and closed on November 9th.

The startups, divided into 4 groups of 5 each, will face weekly challenges: every Wednesday will be available on this platform the videos of 5 startups sharing their winning ideas and voting will be open until the following Monday.

At the end of the voting period the 2 most voted startups of the week will have direct access to the final event, for a total of 8 finalists.

A repechage of 2 of the 12 excluded startups is expected, thanks to an additional vote reserved to BNP Paribas Cardif employees. 10 finalists will have access to the final event that will be held on November 24th in a fully digital format!

After voting in recent weeks for A, B and C Group, this week it’s up to the last five startups to face each other, to earn a place in the final, let’s get to know them better.


  • The startups of D Group – From November, Wednesday 4th to Monday 9th
  • How to vote

The startups of D Group – From November, Wednesday 4th to Monday 9th


Now more than ever before, in the midst of the Covid scenario we all need a “digital health passport”, in each user’s wallet (card) and phone (app). DoctorTag is the solution to a universal need: the availability, always and everywhere, of medical and emergency data certifiable by a doctor and viewable on computers, smartphones, on/offline, even remotely and by those who do not use technology. DoctorTag is – for companies and distribution associations – a vehicle for a new way to communicate and provide “core” services. Thanks to the multiservice platform, users can communicate with large groups of people, profiling and building loyalty through digital service availability; furthermore, it allows to create big-data archives and realize real spendig reviews; therefore, DoctorTag transforms the phone into a service center and a “digital personal assistant”.

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Contract Management


EQUS can apply its technology and experience in different industrial sectors; in this way it has identified, in the automotive sector, specific opportunities also due to the twenty-year experience acquired by its founders. EQUS has therefore developed the first direct warranty dedicated to car and motorbike owners.  This is TiVale, the unlimited value guarantee. Thanks to TiVale, EQUS becomes the first European company that develops a guarantee certification of the value of an asset in the automotive sector.  TiVale protects consumers and their investment in mobility from fraud and excessive market devaluations, transforming a vehicle into a valuable security, always available to them, like a bank cheque. From now on, people will be able to make a more aware and transparent purchase, relying better on the retailer thanks to the TiVale value guarantee..


Keyless is a IT security company founded by renowned security and technology experts and business leaders, resulting in 10+ years of research. Keyless is paving the way for the first global platform for biometric authentication and personal identity management while preserving privacy, combining multimodal biometrics with advanced encryption, which leverages a distributed cloud architecture. The zero-knowledge biometric solution eliminates the need to store and manage sensitive data, allowing companies to adopt password-free authentication, protect their remote workforce and enable strong customer authentication at a glance. We are proud to bring a password-free authentication model to market and collaborate with market-leading companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, and leading academic institutions.


SaveBiking is an engaging marketing tool: every time a potential customer moves, today on a bike but in the future whatever the way, SaveBiking sets a contact point for brands that become attractive by encouraging them to a healthy, ecological and positive social impact. It is based on an app that records the paths of the user and, in proportion to his commitment and perseverance in moving healthy and green, offers awards leading to partner brands.


WhoTeach, developed by Social Thingum, is an online platform provided with artificial intelligence to make the creation of training courses for the education of workers and students faster and more efficient. WhoTeach suggests to teachers personalized educational content to be included in their new school or refresher courses, in order to speed up the time-consuming process to prepare materials for lessons. The suggestions are provided by WhoTeach’s recommendation system, equipped with artificial intelligence and developed over the years by the founders of the company. In addition to the creation of courses, WhoTeach allows tracking the behavior of enrolled users, allows teacher-student and student-student interactions, and provides a virtual classroom for synchronous lessons. In this way, WhoTeach platform can offer support for 360-degree digital training, both with respect to the work to be done in the classroom and at home.

How to vote

Join the Digital Battle of C Group by voting, until November 9th, your favorite startup on this page.

Each user can vote for one startup only, clicking the “Like” button in the project description. Users can promote and support their favorite project clicking the “Share” button, sharing it on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp).

On November 12th the 8 finalists will be announced at the final event, next November 24th.

The award

The winners will be supported by BNP Paribas Cardif R&D team in the development and implementation of their project, taking into account the needs of both the market and the Company. The finalists will also gain important international visibility: they will be presented to C Entrepreneurs Fund, BNP Paribas Cardif’s venture capital fund which, together with Cathay Innovation, aims to accelerate the Company innovation through investments in early stage startups. The finalists will also be included in the Open Innovation Scoop platform of the BNP Paribas Group’s International Financial Services hub, used within the Group to share, manage and promote cooperation with startups.

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