Digital Battle, le startup del Gruppo A

Bitlean, Blockchain Italia, Morphogram, Protechno, Voicen are the A Group startups that will face each other in the Digital Battle, let’s know them better. Only two of them will reach the final event next November 24th

Published on 11 Dec 2020

The Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2020 contest dedicated to the Next Normal, launched on July 6th, closed the bidding space on September 30th, giving BNP Paribas Cardif experts the opportunity to evaluate the projects and select, among the many candidates, the 20 initiatives that are being addressed in the Digital Battle, which opened on October 14th and will close on November 9th.

The startups, divided into 4 groups of 5 each, will face each other in weekly challenges: every Wednesday will be available on this platform the videos of 5 startups that tell their idea of success and the voting will be open until the following Monday.

At the end of the voting period the 2 most voted startups of the week will have direct access to the final event, for a total of 8 finalists.

A repechage of 2 startups out of the 12 excluded is expected, thanks to an additional vote reserved for BNP Paribas Cardif employees.

10 finalists will have access to the final event to be held on November 24th in a fully digital format!


  • The startups of A Group – From October, Wednesday 14th to Monday 19th
  • How to vote

The startups of A Group – From October, Wednesday 14th to Monday 19th


Bitlean is a startup specialized in technology development and new communication channels, founded in November 2019 by highly experienced people in the IT sector, especially in Banking & Finance. Bitlean has created Holistic Canvas, a highly engineered platform that enables the development of BOTs and CHATBOTs in a fast, cost-effective and high-quality manner. The modular structure hosts a calculation engine for mathematical and statistical algorithms in Artificial Intelligence and an element, called Virtual Box, for integration with any type of company IT systems. With Holistic Canvas alternative applications to APPs can be realized with time and costs on average 50% lower. To date Bitlean has realized over 90 functions for a dozen CHATBOT, including T-Assicura for the Insurance market.

Blockchain Italia

Blockchain Italia is an innovative startup based in Milan, Venice and Madrid specializing in the digitalization and optimization of processes through blockchain and decentralized IT protocols. Thanks to the heterogeneity of its team, Blockchain Italia has been operating in the market for over 2 years with several innovative products, such as Dedit – the access key for professionals, companies and PA to blockchain, decentralized applications (dApp) and tailor-made solutions for its customers. The vision of Blockchain Italia is to facilitate companies and professionals to use this new disruptive technology in their processes, helping them to choose among the best ways of integration according to tangible benefits and expected costs. This is why services include strategic consulting, training courses for managers and developers. Finally, Blockchain Italia is a founding member of INATBA, Italia4Blockchain and Digital SME Alliance.


Morphogram is a service designed for the individual and for nutrition and fitness professionals that allows you to monitor lifestyle, body composition and risk factors related to obesity, through exclusive algorithms that analyze specific anthropometric measurements. To use Morphogram, a measuring tape centimeter and the measurement of at least 3 body circumferences is sufficient. The simplicity and reliability of its analysis, make it an essential tool for the person, for the self-monitoring of the body and prevention, and for the professional, to visit patients, even remotely, and to save on expensive equipment. This project is the result of a 30+ years experience in clinical nutrition and 2 years of clinical tests which allowed to perfect the algorithms, to such an extent to have the same degree of reliability of the most used biomedical machinery in the nutritional field, for the measurement of body composition.


Protechno, IoT division of Sinthesi, offers technological tools that allow family members or qualified operators, a 24/7, non-invasive, home care service for the elderly. Protechno Home Care consists of an easy-to-install kit able to highlight in advance the occurrence of potentially dangerous situations or to alert a series of emergency contacts in case of alarm. Protechno solutions are particularly suitable for the care of all those elderly persons who are still self-sufficient, who live alone at home, with a family sometimes far away, who show the first signs of fragility and who do not need or desire a cohabiting family carer. The technology provided in the Home Care solution is completely non-invasive, does not require the use of any kind of camera, does not require the elderly person to wear any kind of wearable clothes and is designed for future integration with additional services.


VOICEN is an app that can be installed on any device and can be used at any time to give voice to our feelings anonymously. Its main function is to make people understand that they are not alone, and that the harassment of catcalling is shared by many other women. The app will be composed by the Community section represented by the possibility of the various users to interact with each other and by a section of psychological support in case the person affected by psychological violence needs real help and support from a doctor/psychologist. Through personal identification details, it is possible to ask for advice by choosing one of the psychologists on the list of those who have entered into an agreement with the community. Thanks to innovation, the support will come through telemedicine. There will also be a part with educational and dissemination function, where useful advice will be included for women of all ages with a focus not only on psychological support but also on news, courses, opportunities for women..

How to vote

Join the Digital Battle of C Group by voting your favorite startup on this page.

Each user can vote for one startup only, clicking the “Like” button in the project description. Users can promote and support their favorite project clicking the “Share” button, sharing it on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp).

On November 12th the 8 finalists will be announced at the final event, next November 24th.

The award

The winners will be supported by BNP Paribas Cardif R&D team in the development and implementation of their project, taking into account the needs of both the market and the Company. The finalists will also gain important international visibility: they will be presented to C Entrepreneurs Fund, BNP Paribas Cardif’s venture capital fund which, together with Cathay Innovation, aims to accelerate the Company innovation through investments in early stage startups. The finalists will also be included in the Open Innovation Scoop platform of the BNP Paribas Group’s International Financial Services hub, used within the Group to share, manage and promote cooperation with startups.

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