Digital Battle, the B Group startups

Carchain, Hassisto, Leviant, Movers, Stip are the startups that will face each other in the Digital Battle of Open-F@b Call4Ideas contest by Bnp Paribas Cardif. Who among them will reach the final event next November 24th?

Published on 11 Dec 2020

The Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2020 contest dedicated to the Next Normal, launched on July 6, closed the bidding space on September 30th, giving BNP Paribas Cardif’s experts the opportunity to review and select, among the many candidates, the 20 initiatives facing the Digital Battle, which opened on October 14th and closed on November 9th.

The startups, divided into 4 groups of 5 each, will face weekly challenges: every Wednesday will be available on this platform the videos of 5 startups sharing their winning ideas and voting will be open until the following Monday.

At the end of the voting period the 2 most voted startups of the week will have direct access to the final event, for a total of 8 finalists.

A repechage of 2 of the 12 excluded startups is expected, thanks to an additional vote reserved to BNP Paribas Cardif employees. 10 finalists will have access to the final event that will be held on November 24th in a fully digital format!

Last week we presented the A Group, whose votes have been concluded, today we are going to better know the startups of the group being voted on this week.


  • The startups of B Group – From October Wednesday 21st to Monday 26th
  • How to vote
  • The startups of B Group – From October Wednesday 21st to Monday 26th


Innovative startup founded in September 2020 based in Trieste. Compared to the traditional method, it uses dynamic QR codes to advertise the car; in this way, the information can be customized anytime. Carchain addresses the market through two channels: Internet ads and in person, with the insertion of a QR code on the car. Since the focus is on the classic car market, there is a desire to introduce blockchain technology to safeguard the main interests of car collectors, such as the origin of the car, history, pedigree, originality, mileage, certificates, etc.. The mission is to enrich the experience and profitability of stakeholders by providing them with the best solutions to save and share vehicle details and trade intelligently. The vision is to become the most popular platform in the world to store and share vehicle data and improve the liquidity of the classic car market..

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Hassisto is the CNR spinoff that provides family members with a platform that allows the remote sensing of the condition of elderly parents. Besides knowing their health conditions, family members can also coordinate with each other and with the caregivers who may care for their relatives. Hassisto is supplied with a smartwatch and a smart box conveying the data collected on a server, in respect of privacy, where they can also be accessed by health care personnel.


LexPi is the blended-reality platform for the presentation of design and architecture projects. It is often difficult to share all the information necessary to fully understand the project such as materials, finishes and position of the furniture, and it is often difficult to get it through. LexPi cloud platform offers the possibility to upload and customize the project as desired, paying particular attention to the use of “markers”, thus deciding what to change within the space. Once the process is completed, it will be exported directly to the mixed reality viewer to be worn by the client. This will allow the customer to enjoy a new experience within the project. The peculiarity of this solution for architects and designers is to explore the different furnishing options in real time, thanks to an easy hand gesture.


Public transport services enable convenient and sustainable travel, but they have fixed routes and timetables. For this reason many users rely on mobility sharing services for the last mile, i.e. to reach the streetcar stop or the destination more quickly after using public transport. The idea is to create a platform for selling integrated subscriptions between the various mobility services. These subscriptions integrate several otherwise independent mobility services into a single package, thus including public transport and sharing services. The idea is therefore to simplify the relationship between user and mobility services. Furthermore, the subscription offers are not fixed yet available according to the customer’s needs. Moreover, through the use of an algorithm, the platform is able to offer the customer a personalized subscription that best suits his/her habits..


Stip is a plug and play AI solution that improves Digital customer service performance by 300%, cuts costs by 70% and end to end management time by 80%. Human interaction is the real value of customer service, for this reason, unlike a normal Chatbot, instead of eliminating the operator, it works to maximize the efficiency of the operator. Stip has developed 3 AI models applying to the entire customer service process and allowing to automate all non-value-added activities, thus letting the operator focus only on ticket resolution.  Stip’s AI focuses on digital channels (Social, Email, Website, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.).

How to vote

Join the Digital Battle of C Group by voting, until October 26th, your favorite startup on this page!

Each user can vote for one startup only, clicking the “Like” button in the project description. Users can promote and support their favorite project clicking the “Share” button, sharing it on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp).

On November 12th the 8 finalists will be announced at the final event, next November 24th

The award

The winners will be supported by BNP Paribas Cardif R&D team in the development and implementation of their project, taking into account the needs of both the market and the Company. The finalists will also gain important international visibility: they will be presented to C Entrepreneurs Fund, BNP Paribas Cardif’s venture capital fund which, together with Cathay Innovation, aims to accelerate the Company innovation through investments in early stage startups. The finalists will also be included in the Open Innovation Scoop platform of the BNP Paribas Group’s International Financial Services hub, used within the Group to share, manage and promote cooperation with startups.

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