Digital Battle, the C Group startups

99bros, Contesto, Cop-Chi Odia Paga, get™ Aura, H4D are the startups that will face each other in the third Digital Battle of the Open-F@b Call4Ideas contest by Bnp Paribas Cardif. Vote for your favorite startup by November 2nd

Published on 11 Dec 2020

The Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2020 Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2020 contest dedicated to the Next Normal, which started on July 6th, closed the bidding space on September 30th, giving the opportunity to BNP Paribas Cardif experts to evaluate and select, among the numerous candidates, the 20 initiatives that are being addressed in the Digital Battle, which opened on October 14th and will close on November 9th.

The startups, divided into 4 groups of 5 each, will face each other in weekly challenges: every Wednesday will be available on this platform the videos of 5 startups that tell their idea of success and the voting will be open until the following Monday.

At the end of the voting period the 2 most voted startups of the week will have direct access to the final event, for a total of 8 finalists.

A repechage of 2 startups out of the 12 excluded is expected, thanks to an additional vote given to BNP Paribas Cardif employees.

10 finalists will have access to the final event to be held on November 24th in a fully digital format!

After voting for Group A and Group B, this week it’s up to another series of startups to face each other, let’s know them better.


  • C Group startups – From October 28th to November 2nd
  • How to vote

C Group startups – From October 28th to November 2nd


It is a digital insurance brokerage platform that, thanks to an integrated system of AI, multimedia content and specialized consultants, offers customized solutions. The machine learning algorithm suggests in real time the most suitable insurance coverage, which can be purchased online. The user can deepen his/her knowledge of the topics of interest through specific guidelines and get support from a customer service. 99bros is aimed at the younger generations who can quickly subscribe to an individual pension plan, taking advantage of digital channels and their ability to deepen their knowledge and purchase on the web. By connecting the current account to the platform, the user receives monthly suggestions on how much to save (rounding off digital expenses + input/output analysis) and how to contribute to the PIP Cardif. The platform hypothesizes the future returns of the fund on which the plan invests and shows how much the payments made today will affect the future.

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Network Security
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Improving the transparency of insurance products and aiming at the rapid digital policy selling, represent the “trend” of the moment; however, access to qualified information can make users more aware of their needs and choices. Therefore, dedicating the right attention to users, to answer their questions and try solving their problems is effective, above all, where consumers do not know the subject in depth and find it difficult to trust completely. It is therefore useful to provide the user community with an in-depth analysis of specific issues, creating a participatory communication network. Assibot, with a query and index formula, allows users to receive answers, automatic or on demand. The topics dealt with, focus on “risk” issues combined with the “right” so as to focus the user towards the insurance transfer. The case law is equivalent to storytelling on “risks” and harmful events..

Cop-Chi Odia Paga

COP – Chi Odia Paga is a legaltech startup that offers socially useful services aimed at training, protection and support for the defense of citizens’ rights. It is aimed in particular at victims of online hate (stalking, hate speech, defamation, cyberbullying and revenge porn) who can easily access the platform through the company’s website and request free digital legal feedback or purchase a legal support service (at the most competitive price on the market). The goal of the company is to break down the barriers that discourage citizens from taking legal action to protect their rights, reducing time, costs and streamlining the whole process compared to traditional methods. COP not only counteracts the haters “downstream”, but also reduces the phenomenon “upstream” by supporting, together with a network of partner companies, education and awareness projects for the prevention of online hatred.

get™ Aura

Get™Aura is the first mover in the wearable market for unique authentication of the person via vital parameters. The technology ensures a high level of security and reliability of the data collected by the user. Advanced biometrics is completed by additional data: ECG, PPG (pulse), SpO2 (blood oxygenation), temperature, GPS, sleep monitoring, stress and failure detection. The solution, which adopts the innovative bone conduction technology of Deed™ to transmit audio in total privacy, represents an “all-in-one device” that takes advantage of its integrative platform enabling multiple services such as c-less payments, telemedicine and alert. The communication protocols are able to connect in Bluetooth to smart devices and in WiFi to existing infrastructures making the device active also in stand-alone mode. Important customers and partners such as Intesa Sanpaolo,TIM,Giomi,Telsy,Spotify and Nastro Azzurro have validated the innovation and verticality of the solutions..


H4D was founded to develop the Consult Station®, a unique solution that improves medical examination in video-conferencing with device integration allowing doctors to take reliable measurements and carry out complete medical examinations remotely. The idea was born from Dr. Baudino who, after years of experience in the management of emergency networks and response to health crises in the world, wanted to develop a solution to create a dense network of health access points thanks to telemedicine. Installed in corporate headquarters, in housing areas and in key points of citizens’ lives, the cabin facilitates access to care for all. H4D has made thousands of tele-visits and trains many doctors to offer a unique experience to the patient through reinforced dialogue and knowledge transfer necessary in the face of physical distance. Today it develops in Italy with a sales manager, a project manager and a medical director.

How to vote

Join the Digital Battle of C Group by voting, until November 2nd, your favorite startup on this page.

Each user can vote for one startup only, clicking the “Like” button in the project description. Users can promote and support their favorite project clicking the “Share” button, sharing it on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp).

On November 12th the 8 finalists will be announced at the final event, next November 24th.

The award

The winners will be supported by BNP Paribas Cardif R&D team in the development and implementation of their project, taking into account the needs of both the market and the Company. The finalists will also gain important international visibility: they will be presented to C Entrepreneurs Fund, BNP Paribas Cardif’s venture capital fund which, together with Cathay Innovation, aims to accelerate the Company innovation through investments in early stage startups. The finalists will also be included in the Open Innovation Scoop platform of the BNP Paribas Group’s International Financial Services hub, used within the Group to share, manage and promote cooperation with startups.

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