Midori and Healthy Virtuoso won the 6th edition of Open-F@b Call4Ideas by BNP Paribas Cardif

Throughout an enthralling final challenge, 12 startups unveiled their projects. The two winners have been voted by both the Jury and the audience and, for the very first time, the Social winner has been chosen by a Facebook live broadcast. Midori and Virtuoso are the startups with the highest Human Data Science factor

Published on 04 Dec 2019

Midori and Healthy Virtuoso, also awarded with the social prize, are the winners of the 6th edition of Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2019, the international contest first launched in 2014 by BNP Paribas Cardif, one of the top ten insurance companies in Italy, in partnership with InsuranceUp.it (Digital360 Group).

The award ceremony held November 21st in Milan hosted, among the others, the speech of Isabella Fumagalli, Head of Territory for Insurance in Italy of BNP Paribas Cardif, Andrea Rangone, CEO of Digital360 and the contribution of some leading players such as Roberto Ascione, CEO of Healthware Group. The event ended with the awarding of the winning projects by Isabella Fumagalli, Head of Territory for Insurance in Italy of BNP Paribas Cardif, Andrea Veltri, Deputy CEO Digital Transformation of BNP Paribas Cardif and Giovanni Iozzia, Director, EconomyUp and InsuranceUp.

“Since its first edition, Open-F@b Call4Ideas has been looking for and found fellows to create new products and innovative services for our customers” – said Andrea Veltri, Deputy CEO of BNP Paribas Cardif. “A mutual understanding that in recent editions has led to the launch of key projects such as D-Heart which is now part of our Health ecosystem or Amodo whose protection in mobility we are innovating or the more recent MABASTA wonderful guys we will amaze you with very soon. The aim this year was to highlight the Human Data Science concept, mirroring the very nature of BNP Paribas Cardif, based on innovation and a person-centred approach. In this way, the data analysis is enhanced through the so-called Life Sciences, taking into account therefore all aspects pertaining to people and their well-being, including psychophysical aspects. Award-winning startups managed to better represent such an aim, putting forward projects designed to generate real value for customers in terms of quality, opening up new and hitherto uncharted possibilities.”

The winning startups will now be supported by BNP Paribas Cardif’s R&D team, with a focus on the development and implementation of their project, taking into account the needs of both the market and the Company.

Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2019: award winning projects


Midori developed NED, a real Energy Assistant at home able to recognize how much energy home appliances consume using just a simple battery-powered metering tool connected to the electrical panel. From the outset, NED quickly becomes familiar with the consumption habits of those living in the apartment and, on a smartphone app, suggests daily customized instructions on how to reduce unnecessary energy waste and be smarter about using such an important asset as energy.

Project – Innovation, Simplicity, Awareness

NED is a system for monitoring domestic energy consumption capable of recognizing the use and activity of the main household appliances with just a tool: a battery-powered energy meter to be safely and easily installed on the electrical panel.

Human Data Science factor

NED is the home black box. Through AI NED can gather data on the energy consumption of household appliances, their status and much more, until now unavailable. Such data analysis and relevant digital services let NED users be aware of the energy consumption at home and increase the energy saving behaviour through ongoing factual feedback and incentives. Sustainability is a value and should be pursued with a data-driven approach.


Christian Camarda, Davide Comba, Awet Abraha Girmay, Virginia Vassallo, Francesca De Santis


Virtuoso encourages, compensates and rewards those committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

With a strong interplay of behavioral psychology, gamification and big data combined with a connection to more than 20,000 health applications, users can daily get useful credits to unlock vouchers, discounts and rewards offered by Virtuoso or its business partners. Operating in 115 countries, Virtuoso has achieved more than 120,000 downloads with less than €15,000 invested in marketing, proving a strong engagement and improvement rate by users.

Project – Engagement, scalability, healthcare promotion

Virtuoso is an innovative application based on a close combination of behavioural psychology, gamification and big data from over 20,000 applications related to the main app (for fitness, wellness and health), motivating and rewarding those committed to adopting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle..

Human Data Science factor

Through behavioural psychology, Healthy Virtuoso can engage and motivate users, while gathering real-time behavioural data from over 20,000 data sources for health, fitness or lifestyle, helping companies to better understand their customers’ habits and enabling them to offer the best service, for the best user at the best time (whether it be insurance, health or behavioural service).


Andre Severino, Lorenzo Asuni, Carlo Buccoli, Flavio Filoni, Nicola Tardelli, Claudio Sabia.

Final Challenge: a social event as well

The Final Challenge hosted by Fondazione Feltrinelli in Milan welcomed the 12 finalists with their projects on Human Data Science. Their pitches were voted in real time by a panel of experts and the audience via an app. Consistent with the innovative approach of BNP Paribas Cardif, the updated format of Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2019 included picking a Social winner voted for the best-loved project via Facebook. The web users could follow for the very first time the amazing challenge with a live broadcast on the Company’s corporate Facebook page. Whoever could use the social channel to “like” their personal choice, directly contributing to identify the most innovative and useful ideas.

Open-F@b Call4Ideas, a lasting path into open innovation

Open-F@b Call4Ideas is once again a key and eagerly looked forward event for both Italian and international innovators. Since 2014, over 350 projects have been proposed – half from abroad -, more than 70 innovative ideas have been shortlisted, leading to several industrial partnerships with an investment of about one million euros overall.

This is a one-off case in Italy both in terms of durability of the event and for its effectiveness and consistency, as highlighted during the event by Isabella Fumagalli, who also pointed out the in-house efforts to develop ever-new topics, such as ‘human data science’ ( which must then result in new solutions for customers); and by Andrea Rangone, and Andrea Rangone, who spoke about the commitment of BNP Paribas Cardif in dealing with the initiative, as outlined in this year’s call, addressing such a crucial aspect as the data issue.

Once again in 2019 the contest features the participation of Medici powered by Let’s Talk Payments LCC, an advisory and scouting company for insurtech and fintech startups worldwide. The finalists will be included in the Medici database with a dedicated marketing bundle. Furthermore, shortlisted startups looking for funds up to a A+ Series round will be introduced to C Entrepreneurs Fund, the venture capital fund of BNP Paribas Cardif that, alongside Cathay Innovation, aims to accelerate the Company’s innovation by investing in startups.

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