Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021, the winners are Insurance4music, Klondike and Tiassisto24

The three winners are the projects that stood out best for their potential to make Insurance more Accessible, the focuse of Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021. Here’s what they do 

Published on 02 Dec 2021

Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021, i vincitori

Insurance4music, Klondike and Tiassisto24 are the winners of the 8th edition of Open-F@b Call4Ideas 2021, the contest for start-ups, scale-ups, young students and innovative companies, promoted by BNP Paribas Cardif in partnership with InsuranceUp and PNICube. 

Following the Digital Battle that allowed the Evaluation Panel of BNP Paribas Cardif in Italy to select the 9 best projects, plus the one chosen by the Company’s employees through a poll, the 10 finalists have challenged each other during yesterday’s Final Challenge. After the vote of the online audience, which followed the event and selected the 5 best pitches, the panel of judges composed of BNP Paribas Cardif members and external experts from various fields awarded the startups Insurance4music, Klondike and Tiassisto24. Together with the BNP Paribas Cardif R&D team, they will be supported in the development and implementation of their project, integrated into the company’s products or offering models. 

Three projects for “More Accessible Insurance” 

The topic of the 2021 edition of Open-F@b Call4Ideas, “More Accessible Insurance”, was chosen with the aim of identifying solutions that could: convey simplified communication; make the insurance experience more fluid; accelerate the speed of response to the market; improve the proposition and management of insurance activities to reach a wider audience of customers and stakeholders. 

The final event, hosted by Giovanni Iozzia, Director of EconomyUp and InsuranceUp, was attended by Roberta Avanzini, Head of Research&Development at BNP Paribas Cardif, Andrea Rangone, President of Digital360 Società Benefit and Nicolò Briante, Co-Founder of D-Heart. 

With their ideas Insurance4music, Klondike and Tiassisto24 were able to provide original inputs understanding the needs arising in the industry with innovative tools that could make “More Accessible Insurance”. 

Open-f@b 2021, the prizes for winners and finalists 

The three winners, in addition to the support of BNP Paribas Cardif, will be given the opportunity to present their project and meet other startups hosted at BivwAk! the BNP Paribas Group’s internal incubator based in Paris. 

All finalists of the 2021 edition will also be introduced to C. Entrepreneurs Fund, BNP Paribas Cardif’s venture capital fund with Cathay Innovation, which aims to accelerate the Company’s innovation through investments in early stage startups, and included in the internal platform used in BNP Paribas’ Open Innovation ecosystem to share, manage and promote cooperation with startups. 

This year, moreover, thanks to the partnership with PNICube – an association with 50 members including universities and academic incubators that brings together Italian academic incubators and business plan competitions, created with the aim of fostering the creation and support the market of new companies with a high knowledge content from universities – the call has also been extended to younger people in a more widespread manner throughout the country. 

Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021, the winning projects 


Insurance4music is the first verticalized insurance intermediary in the entertainment sector. The startup wants to be a benchmark for all operators in the industry – from individual musicians to music schools, up to large concert organizers – through an online platform that allows to easily and immediately take out insurance policies. 

Three adjectives to describe the project 

Simple, immediate, accessible 

Project contribution for More Accessible Insurance 

The Insurance4music platform will make it possible to take out the insurance policies that operators in the sector will need in a simple and immediate manner; through the use of IoT and blockchain this procedure will be even more immediate, as policies (or claims) can be activated automatically when any given event occurs. 


Carmine Capone, Carlo Francesco Dettori, Manuele Carlo Mino Bassanini, Alessandro Achilli, Diego Carlo Camnasio 


Klondike aims to democratize access to Artificial Intelligence for all. Through the creation of an easy-to-use Algorithm Marketplace, Klondike enables all companies, of any industry and size, to leverage the power of AI directly within their business processes easily, quickly and sustainably, cost-effectively and without the need to hire specialized staff. 

Three adjectives to describe the project 

Simple, fast, sustainable 

Project contribution for More Accessible Insurance 

Thanks to Klondike the Insurance Company could get chatbots to answer in real time to the simplest questions of its customers and leads, classify incoming requests and emails and sort them in a few moments to the right team/person (increasing the customer experience), digitize any incoming document such as contracts, identity cards, invoices, policies, etc.. and then be able to classify the data obtained and use them for other activities. All this, directly within the user’s standard business tool (CRM, ERP, etc.). 


Alex Roggero, Lorenzo Tiberi, Davide Giarolo, Davide Bonamini 


Tiassisto24 is the AI and Machine Learning based micro-services platform for vehicle management such as expiration, fines, insurance products and auto repair, which enables modular and scalable configuration of end-to-end solutions for B2C, B2B2C and B2B channels. 

Three adjectives to describe the project 

Useful, loyalty-enhancing, integrable 

Project contribution for More Accessible Insurance 

The challenge of Tiassisto24 is to support companies in making insurance more attractive and accessible through the concept of “servitization” of products, thanks to the enrichment with digital micro-services that simplify everyday life even in small things, from deadlines to inconveniences such as a fine. Thanks to the platform based on AI, Machine Learning and APIs, any insurance product can be integrated and customized. 


Michele Romagnoli, Lorenzo Sfarra, Giuseppe Romagnoli, Nicola Piccoli, Vincenzo Di Deo, Sebastiano Davoli

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