Smart mobility, even BNP Paribas Cardif and Cargeas Assicurazioni at MCE4x4 2019

On May 17 in Milan, the final event of MCE4x4 will take place, the initiative for the smart mobility sector that brings together startups and companies. The new mobility has more and more supporters, including BNP Paribas Cardif and Cargeas Assicurazioni, insurance companies of the BNP Paribas Group in Italy

Published on 16 May 2019

Buzzword in town: smart mobility.
Pollution, road jams, accidents, parking have made it a priority in contemporary urban areas to work towards a more sustainable road and mobility system. Milan is one of the most polluted and traffic-clogged cities in Italy, but also one of the cities most involved in policies aimed at resolving such problems.
Since many solutions are based on new technologies and startup inventions, the MCE4X4 initiative, created by Assolombarda, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza and Lodi and in partnership with Nuvolab, aims to promote the interaction among mobility, energy and urban services industries and startups which bring significant innovations in such sectors.

This year the initiative started a few months ago with the launch of a call for the selection of 16 startups, those actually having the opportunity to meet at Palazzo Mezzanotte several major Italian and international companies to start partnerships and business opportunities with.

Among these large companies there are BNP Paribas Cardif and Cargeas Assicurazioni, which together with Arval Italy, a company of BNP Paribas Group leader in full service vehicle leasing and mobility services, have joined this initiative as gold sponsor in the context of the long-established path of interaction with start-ups to improve the smart mobility industry.

According to Andrea Veltri – Deputy CEO Digital Transformation at BNP Paribas Cardif – “The Customer is not only looking for a means of transport but also for mobility solutions, increasingly accessible, sustainable and safe. We are committed to enable this transformation process so that our customers can move freely, focusing our protection on the person rather than just on the vehicle they are using”.

For Pietro Guglielmi, Chief Customer, Distribution and Partnership of Cargeas Assicurazioni “Contamination is a key word to develop innovation within Insurance industry. This is a very regulated and not dynamic sector in strong need of new ideas, talents and courage to broke traditional schemes in order to develop new insurance service models and activate structural growth mechanisms”.

The startups joining MCE4x4

MCE4x4 is divided into 4 segments:

Super Interaction with the participation of Link Innovation, which designs and produces innovative electric vehicles to fit into the last mile mobility market; GiPStech, which provides high performance infrastructure and location services where GPS is not enough, for example in large indoor settings; Dilium Carscare, which has developed an integrated system based on artificial intelligence and big data to control vehicles with an app; Wise Town, an ecosystem of applications and tools to improve citizens’ life quality in a collaborative setting.

Artificial Intelligence of Things: cos’è, come funziona e quali vantaggi offre

Super Cleantech section welcomes Acc, which has developed, designed and built ZodiaC vehicles; Go Volt, the favourite among social survey participants and has developed an electric scooter sharing platform without sacrificing design; Scuter also offers a mobility as a service based on an electric scooter that can be driven without a helmet, purposely designed for sharing; E-Gap, on the other hand, is the first mobile recharging service for electric vehicles, developed to tackle the still too small number of dedicated stations.

Super Enterprise section includes Aircnc, a B2B platform for sharing machine-per-hours. Upooling is the first app for carpooling with a digital key and an artificial intelligence to optimize costs of corporate mobility; Brochesia is developing software solutions for smart glasses to improve the efficiency of companies, reducing time and costs through augmented reality, while Movesion offers Mobility City, a system capable of monitoring mobility habits and the penchant for change of users in a precise and real-time manner.

Finally, for the Super Services segment, the following were selected: Auting, which has developed a service for car sharing between private individuals, bringing together owners of an under-used car with those who need it for a short period of time; Tiassisto24 (we have written about it here) is the cloud-based platform of insurance, automotive and legal micro-services for motorists. Veontime is a platform for sending documents and parcels using bus lines with gains in terms of time, money and environmental protection. Then, Wher, the app for female mobility that helps women to feel more aware, safe and free in the city.

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