Smart working, improvisation to organization

Due to coronavirus, these words have gained a place in the vocabulary of all Italians. In the lockdown phase smart working has allowed many companies to keep on operating, proving to be a way of working with a future. In the video, Prof. Mariano Corso from PoliMi answered the most widespread doubts

Published on 17 Sep 2020

Let’s find out more about smart working (remote working) in this video interview of Manuela Gianni, Director of Digital4Executive, NetworkDigital360, to Mariano Corso, Professor of Leadership & Innovation at Politecnico di Milano, Head of Osservatorio Smart Working and President of P4I-Partners4Innovation. 

According to figures, millions of people (at least 6) will be working in smart working in Italy, an incredible growth compared to almost 600 thousand in 2019. 

According to the expert, the first effect experienced in the months of lockdown was that smart working had an unavoidable boost yet it was a bit ‘unrehearsed’, due to an unexpected emergency many companies faced the challenge of their employees to work from home, albeit unpredictably. 

The actual smart working, which is first and foremost an organizational model whereby the worker is given the opportunity to choose how and where to work, making them responsible for reaching the results, in the lockdown phase, did not show up. In that phase the choice was missing; working from home was mandatory, so a first pillar of this model was already creaking, but above all there was no time for companies to get properly organized, with tools, training, new processes to effectively perform smart working. 

A new phase of transition to true smart working, involving the company’s culture and leadership, is now opening up. 

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