Cardif Open-F@b, three IoT and Big Data projects awarded

The second edition of the BNP Paribas Cardif Call4Ideas has come to its end. And the winner are: Child Explorer, Laqy and Amodo

Published on 26 Apr 2016

Cardif Open-F@b, second edition. Its focus was on the Internet of Things and Big Data. Among the 13 finalists who presented their projects at Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, three startup overcame

Child Explorer – a cutting-edge service, based on App, Smartwatch and Pervasive Game to help children, aged between 5 and 11, to increase their freedom of movement within the city pursuing a healthy lifestyle. The project is currently being developed.

Laqy – a team from Sant’Anna in Pisa, has designed a log-on smart device equipped with sensors, to measure the air quality in dwellings, schools and offices, facing with a pretty important and little known issue as indoor pollution. The prototype is currently being developed.

Amodo, Croatian startup operating in Big Data field, developed Amodo platform, which logs data from wearable devices, smartphones, smart home, connected car and other devices by improving risk analysis, reducing the accident costs and increasing cross-selling and up-selling of insurance carriers. The solution is already marketed.

The initiative promoted by BNP Paribas Cardif for the first time last year, (in collaboration with EconomyUp and Polihub), was born to experience an open innovation process capable of bringing innovation both among consumers and within the company.

“We were really impressed by the quality of the projects, so it was hard to choose. All projects have what it takes to move forward, we have not chosen ones “better than others”, but rather those that we can better follow, to which we can bring tangible added value”, said Isabella Fumagalli, CEO of BNP Paribas Cardif, who awarded the winners along with Andrea Veltri, marketing and strategy Manager. “We must work with startups, to better define and develop the product to meet the needs of our industry, respecting the entrepreneur, putting at stake our knowledge of the market and trying to add value. This is our approach, already experienced with the startup that won the previous call: evaluated the solution to design a product, and not the opposite.”, said Veltri.

The second edition of Call4Ideas (which has now been made permanent, so long as structured sessions) confirmed great excitement in terms of open innovation and collaboration between large companies and startups. Open F@b is a project launched in 2014 by Cardif BNP Paribas, which has become, since this year, an ongoing activity with the launch of InsuranceUp webportal, made in collaboration with EconomyUp, with a permanent call for innovative projects.

Isabella Fumagalli in her opening speech focused on first tangible results: the Call4Ideas last year brought good projects to the attention of the company and in particular, for one of the award-winning, the collaboration with Cardif led to the definition of a product that will be marketed in the first months of the new year. The process started with Call4Ideas, added Fumagalli, has brought its effects within the

organization as it is contributing to a new corporate culture, pushing employees to present innovative proposals. “We are all in the great drift of the disruption, we must learn to surf”, this is the motto proposed.

A purpose as such is essential in open innovation processes: not only scouting for startups, but also accept and digest all the innovations that the latter can bring in terms of ideas, methods and vision. A concept also reiterated in the opening speech by Andrea Rangone, CEO of Digital360 (publisher of EconomyUp), talking about Big Bang Disruption (unpredictable, sudden and loud) as opposed to the concept of digital transformation, now outdated by the speed and the disruptive effects produced by newcomers compared to incumbents. There is no sector or industry that today is unthreatened by disruption.

Innovation of products and services is not enough. Let’s accept a culture of open innovation that allows to generate an ongoing flow of ideas and visions, relying on startup: “Startups enable mature companies to diversify business, to anticipate the future”, Rangone said.

New entrepreneurship, open innovation and market developments were the heart of the working panel, conducted by Giovanni Iozzia, director of EconomyUp and InsuranceUp and held before the awards ceremony, attended by, Giovanni Daprà, Founder, MoneyFarm; Paolo Gesses, Managing Partner, United Ventures; Mauro Giacobbe, Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Mainetti, Chief Executive Officer, PoliHub; Filippo Scorza, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Wecare; Giorgio Valtolina, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Noovle

Everyone agreed in emphasizing the need and importance of innovative ecosystem in which everyone plays its role (startups, incubators, vc, companies); greater availability by the consolidated companies, and a strong focus on new technology trends, such as cyber security. Not to mention the acceptance of failure. Since no one can win without being ready to lose

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