Internet of things: 2020 will be the target of 25% of cyber attacks

Gartner launches security alarm in the field of IoT: the outbreak of these technologies also results in a widening of the targets that cyber attacks can be directed to, but also increases spending on security that will touch 840 million dollars in 2020

Published on 01 Jun 2016

11.4 billion of smart objects will be connected within two years, and 25% of them will be involved in cyber attacks, while spending of organizations devoted to security in the field of IoT will be equal to 10%.

To say it is Gartner, who also predicted that the market for the IoT security will grow gradually at an ever faster pace with better skills, organizational change, and more scalable service options: global spending on security in the field of IoT will rise to $ 348 million at the end of 2016, only scoring 23.7% growth compared to 2015, then moved to almost 434 million in 2017, to 547 million in 2018 and 840 million in 2020.

Until 2020, thus the growth in spending on security for the IoT will have an upward trend, even moderate, while after that date there will be a strong acceleration.

“The market of products for IoT security, is moderate now, but will grow with the increase in the use of smart devices by consumers and companies. The fundamental strength of the IoT in terms of size and presence will not be fully realized without the cloud security services that provide an acceptable level of operations for many organizations, in a cost-effective way”, emphasized Ruggero Contu, research director at Gartner. The latter is in fact persuaded that by 2020, at least half of all IoT implementations will use some form of security service based on Cloud.

More details on security in the field of IoT according to Gartner in this article

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