Robot: doubling of investments in five years

From 2015 to 2020, according to IDC forecast, spending in robotics technologies throughout the world will go from 71 to 135 billion dollars. The growth will intensify in sectors such as health care and transportation

Published on 01 Jun 2016

Spending on robotic technologies increase all over the world, so as to lead IDC to forecast the achievement of $ 135 billion in 2019, compared to 71 billion in 2015. The consulting firm found that the manufacturing / industrial sector, driven first to the automation and today to robotics, but in the coming years there will be the intensification of spending in these technologies also by sectors such as health care and transportation.

“There is the growing adoption of robotics in areas such as electronics, retail, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, services, education and government”, said Mr. Bing Zhang Jing, director of the robotics research at IDC Manufacturing Insights. “This growth is driven by an increase in labor costs, the shortage of skilled workers, and a growing emphasis on repeatable quality, coinciding with a fall in prices of robotic systems.”

“Robotics has really reached its culmination”, said John Santagate, Research Manager, Supply Chain at IDC Manufacturing Insights. “The capabilities of robotics continue to expand, as increasing investment in the development of robots which drive competition and help to reduce costs associated with robots.”

The Asia / Pacific region, including Japan, accounts for over 65% of the total robotic.

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