Smart mobility and smart car: appealing to Italian startups

Investments in Smart Mobility & Smart Car startups totalled 21 billion euros in the last three years, according to data collected and disseminated by the Osservatori of the Politecnico di Milano. Also in Italy the interest is on the rise and the number of startups in these sectors is increasing

Published on 06 Nov 2019

It’s a growing market for Smart Car & Smart Mobility, where startups play a central role, introducing technological evolutions and new business models, able to stimulate a growing interest from potential investors, from car manufacturers, through insurance companies to telco. 

The Startup Intelligence and Smart & Connected Car Osservatori of the Politecnico di Milano have surveyed 174 startups operating in this field, which together raised 21 billion dollars from January 2016 to June 2019.  

The research shows a substantial head-to-head between the Smart Car and Smart Mobility application areas, with a slight prevalence of startups operating in Smart Car. Here are the Italian ones. 

Indice degli argomenti

Smart Car 

The term smart car refers to a new generation of vehicles that are smarter, more connected, with less environmental impact. 

AIR – Connecting Things, Auting and TUC Technology, Air defines itself as a “digital ecosystem orchestrator” and offers a product that allows users to check the position of their car, manage their business trips, check the fuel level, check for faults and anomalies. 

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Unified Communication & Collaboration
Banda Larga

TUC Technology, allows users to control the entire experience on board thanks to TUC, a connection and customization platform, which has been defined a “Smartphone for mobility”. 

V2X Network, encourages car owners to share the data collected through their connected car through a platform, offering access to it also to developers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). 

Smart Mobility 

The term smart mobility refers to the new smart mobility, enabled by technology, aimed at solving all those problems that have distinguished mobility to date, especially urban mobility: pollution, traffic congestion, safety, costs, efficiency. Within this theme there are therefore technologies, mobility infrastructure (parking, charging networks, system of signs, vehicles), solutions for the mobility of vehicles (including new mobility and mobile payment models) and people. Smart mobility involves several industries different from the classic automotive, such as tech companies, startups, banks and insurance companies and has among its tiles sharing services. Let’s see some Italian startups. 

Sharge-Me, aims to create a new way of sharing and recharging electric car batteries by connecting users via an app and allowing them to smartly manage the remaining charge according to their needs. 

E-GAP is one of the first mobile charging operators for electric vehicles to offer mobile and on-demand charging, so wherever the vehicle is located without the need for the owner to be present. 

BicinCittà, tries to satisfy the requests of users and municipalities for sharing electric bikes and scooters, merging the “free floating” business model with the traditional dock. 

Dott, allows users of a community to share the use of electric scooters within their city, without having to return to a depot station. 

GaiaGo, a multi-electrical mobility platform (scooter, ebike and cars) for residential communities, which aims to provide free mobility through a marketplace where users’ mobility hours are financed by advertisers. 

Auting – a car sharing platform between private individuals in Italy that connects on the one hand car owners who want to cut running costs and on the other hand those looking for a safe, comfortable and convenient mobility solution. 

Park Smart, has developed a system based on IoT and cameras to recognize the status of parking spaces (free or occupied) and transmit this information to users in traffic looking for a free parking space. 

Sense Square, which develops products and services in the field of outdoor air quality monitoring. In particular, the startup has started a trial in Milan in collaboration with DHL that sees more than fifty vehicles of the logistics operator involved in monitoring the concentration of pollutants thanks to the Sense Square sensors on board. 

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