$ 80 million for Bright Health, the startup that sells personalized policies

The company, founded by Bob Sheehy, former CEO of an insurance company, is customer centric, through the use of big data. It relies on the customer experience, offering health services through an app

Published on 01 Jun 2016

A new startup of health insurance faces in the landscape of the US insurtech with great style: it has just raised $ 80 million investment by a leading venture capitalist. Bright Health, co-founded in Minneapolis by a veteran of the insurance industry, the former CEO of a large company like United Healthcare, and two other manger of the healthcare industry, will use the funding for the launch of its policies at national level and for the individual health insurance market.

What does Bright Health exactly do?

Basically what many startups (especially Oscar Health) are trying to do with big data: a customer-centric policy, customized to the customer’s habits and lifestyle. Bright Health also wants to leverage the user experience, offering the possibility to live with efficiency, simplicity and safety, the care of its own health. Through an app that puts the patient in touch with specialists for a visit or to get an online consultation.

“There is a better way to improve health”, said Bob Sheehy, co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of Bright Health. “We want to realign the relationship between insurance and the customer, focusing on consumer and reinventing technology that simplify the health care experience from the beginning to the end. Turn this into reality is not a trivial matter, but we are confident we have the right team and the right model to create a real and necessary change “.

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