BNP Paribas, an international hackathon with a stop in Rome

On the weekend of June 17, in 8 cities of the world, there will be the challenge for developers and startups called upon to co-create innovative products and services for the financial group. Here are the topics proposed (purchase of a house to e-commerce) and how to participate. The winners will go to the final in Paris

Published on 16 Jun 2016

On June 17 Rome will host the second edition of the BNPP International Hackathon, two-day marathon of web and app development, promoted by the BNP Paribas Group at international level to promote a method of co-creation of new and innovative digital products and services.

These hackathon, represents only the first phase of an open innovation program that develops over time, and that starting from the projects emerged in the hackathon, lead to the creation of products that the company is able to implement and use as part of its activities. This “committment” of the company, is also its strength and point of attraction, as it is for the participants a real and practical opportunity to follow and succeed with their project and work with a global company.

The two-day event will be virtually connected to the hackathon which more or less at the same time will be held in Paris, Brussels, Istanbul, San Francisco, Berlin, Warsaw, London. The competition between the participating team is international: within each hackathon indeed there will be 3 winning teams (7,000 Euros for each, in 3 different challenges) that will enter the Demo Day in Paris where the BNP Paribas top management will select six projects to focus on, through a grant of 25,000 euro or the entry in acceleration programs of the company. Below the video edition launch in 2016 of the BNPP International Hackathon where the various phases of the program through which a team, a stratup can get from concept (during the hackathon) up to prototyping and deployment of the product, are explained.

The BNP Paribas International Hackathon is back!

The video also highlighted the challenge of this edition: the “customer journey”, very relevant to the whole banking, insurance industry, and in general to any business that interfaces directly with the end consumer, now increasingly demanding and digital.

The challenge that will be proposed to the participants of the hackathon in Rome, will be:

1 – I want to buy a home – i.e. how to support customers in the purchase of a house (search, maps, mortgages, restructuring)

2 – I need cash now – i.e. how to facilitate access to cash for small businesses in a simple and safe way

3 – Wherever I am, I can buy the best in class TV without exceeding my budget – i.e. how to allow a person to buy the product they are looking for (eg TV) respecting the budget and through multiple devices

The date is for startups, developers, engineers, marketers, designers, business developer, in the week 17-19 in Rome, more information and registration at this address.

Here is a video summary of the 2015 competition, which was attended by 300 people divided into 27 startups

BNP Paribas International Hackathon 2015

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