Easier claims management with Insoore, a platform that converts the expertise

This insurtech startup has obtained a new investment of one million euros. Enables insurance and fleet management companies to speed up claims management and to obtain video-photographic surveys and damage assessment by leveraging a community of qualified experts and its team of loss adjusters

Published on 15 Jun 2019

Whoosnap, a promising insurtech reality on the Italian scene, has announced that it has obtained new financing from venture capital and is preparing for the European market. The company launched its services less than a year ago thanks to the Insoore platform, and the results are not long in coming. 

 “Three are the main objectives that we will pursue in the coming months – explains Enrico Scianaro, CEO of Whoosnap – . We will invest in team and community growth. We will continue to innovate, to always be one step ahead and to offer competitive solutions. We will focus on the internationalisation of the company, expanding the business to at least one other European country. The entry into the team of Federico Santini, manager of proven success, recently appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, is the other excellent news that concerns us. We are sure that with his twenty years of experience and his intellectual background he will be able to make a valuable contribution to Insoore“. 

But let’s see what Insoore does best

Insoore is an innovative online platform that helps insurance companies and fleet management companies to improve the process of car claims management, allowing them to capture vehicle images through crowdsourcing, i.e. through a community of thousands of detectors (the Insoorers, who are selected and trained), scattered throughout the territory, who can create photographic documentation of insured vehicles, both Assuntive and Crash. 

In practice: the insurance companies make a request for a photographic survey of the status of a vehicle through the platforms. The insoorer (enabled) who are in the vicinity of the vehicle concerned take charge of the request, within a maximum of 30 minutes they are on site and send it via smartphone to Insoore’s team of experts. If the photos taken meet the acceptance criteria, the insurance company accepts the survey and Insoore transfers the reward to the user’s account. All through the application. 

“We are really enthusiastic and ready to give even more – comments Enrico Scianaro, in a press note – . Operating in the Insurtech sector, as we have decided to do, means to glimpse the future and help to outline what it will look like from now on. With constant commitment and thanks to a highly specialized team, we are proving to be able to propose effective solutions for the digitization, and therefore optimization, of claims management and to make the detection process more efficient”. 

On the one hand, the model satisfies companies, which can improve the customer experience and claim management, and affect the risk of fraud, and on the other hand, policyholders, who get compensation faster than in the past. 

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