Insurance Iot Europe Awards: the winner is Neosurance, an italian startup

The event, held on 7 and 8 June in London, Neosurance defeated 4 finalists startup, thanks to a technology that makes the insurance policies “snackable”, perfect for millennials. As told by the CEO Dario Melpignano in an exclusive video

Published on 15 Jun 2016

Neosurance, an Italian startup in insurance tech, won in the category Newcomer IoT, at the Insurance IoT Europe Awards in London, beating the other 4 finalists startup.

The startup, already commercially operational, was founded by Digitaltech International in partnership with Neosperience, and is the result of months of interaction with insurance companies in Europe and Asia – where Digital Tech has a second location – and of the knowledge accrued during the first 5 months of participation in the Connected Insurance Observatory. The startup has therefore from the outset, a certain level of fastness, the team consists of members of Digitaltech International and Neosperience, and is headed by Dario Melpignano, the CEO (Neosperience).

“It is not a single thing that transforms insurances, these are different, the mobile, the internet of things, wearable. The future of the Insurance is in granular products, in micro-moments, capable of reaching customers through new channels, just when he needs it. This is the mindset with which we have created Neosurance”.

Neosurance is basically a technology company, which intends to bring innovative technologies to the insurance industry working in B2B, proposing to insurance companies (in particular to the most innovative ones, which in the website are called “insurance disruptor) a system based on push sales of micro insurances: with a simple touch of the screen you can start an insurance. The solution is built around an AI system that works with the IoT data, capable of “learning” and suggest the right insurance at the right time, to the end customer. Uses are manifold, but a simple example of how it could be used could be this: you’re traveling and you did not have any insurance, landing in London, get a customized notification that alerts you to the possibility of having an insurance for a short period of time and in a few steps directly from your device. Simple, fast, convenient.

Therefore it is clear that the end customer on which the Neosurance technological solution has been constructed, are the Millennials, or at least the “tech savvy”, all that growing segment of the population which requires innnovative ways of interaction with the insurance company and makes more use of digital channels.

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