Smartworking, 7 Italian startups for agile working

Innovators come forward wherever gaps arise: here are 7 startups chosen by Politecnico di Milano that embrace smartworking as a virtue of necessity

Published on 26 May 2021

The forced experience of smartworking during the pandemic period has highlighted how the traditional organization of work is based on assumptions that are now far outdated. 

Wherever gaps exist, innovators come forward: the Osservatorio Startup Intelligence, in partnership with the Osservatorio Smart Working of the Politecnico di Milano, has analyzed the startups that offer services or tools that allow people to work more effectively both outside and inside workspaces: 371 international startups, 20 of which are Italian, funded in the last two years (as of 2019) by institutional investors. 

Among these, 7 in particular have been shortlisted for their innovative contribution, and have had the opportunity to present a pitch during the Startup Intelligence Workshop, facing the audience of the Italian Innovation Manager community, including Aci, Amadori, Axa Assicurazioni, BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, Bper Banca, Bticino, Costacurta, Credem Banca, Edison, Enel, Eni, Ferrovie Dello Stato Italiane, Gruppo Enercom, Gruppo Tea, Mooney, Parmalat, Pirelli, Prysmian Group, Roche, Saipem, Siram Veolia, Sky, Smartpaper, Sparkasse, Steelcase, Terna, TIM, Unicoop Firenze, Unipolsai, Vivigas. 

The seven shortlisted startups have been divided according to the following categories: Working Activity (support to working activities), Physical Workplace (initiatives concerning physical environments and spaces) and Wellbeing (focused on the sphere of the psycho-physical well-being of the person in the working situation). Here’s how they support smartworking. 

Working Activity 

Coderblock has developed a digital platform for Productivity & Planning, which optimizes remote collaboration through a 3D virtual office that provides an immersive work experience. 

Mela Works, aimed at blue collar workers, allows them to track work and control job site costs in a simple, fast and innovative way. 

Physical Workplace 

Iooota has unveiled the Jarvis project: a software solution for controlling and managing indoor environments, even remotely, to meet the needs of commuters who daily travel the home-work route through a carpooling system. 

Up2You enables workers to reduce their impact on the planet and companies to become more sustainable, through green missions. 

Work Your Way allows employees to collect points through a customized platform that rewards green and positive employee behavior. 


Supermood, operating in the Engagement category, allows companies to offer quick polls via email to their employees, based on their needs and issues to be monitored within the workforce. 

Pavestep has developed a customizable platform for Behavior & Skill, which allows managers who manage people remotely to provide feedback in real time, making people more motivated and satisfied in their work. 

Jojob, which deals with Psychological and Physical Health, has designed a service o manage the insurance needs of digital nomads, although many companies have sprung up to offer new efficient solutions to old processes that need updating, first and foremost smartworking. 

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