Social insurance, the Italian insurtech Axieme gains investors through crowdfunding

It allows groups of people to insure together (if they share the same insurance needs), saving on the policy and even getting a give back if there are no claims. An innovative and successful crowdfunding model, as demonstrated by his recent successful crowdfunding campaign

Published on 12 Aug 2019


Axieme is an insurance broker collaborating with the Companies, for which it represents a new natively digital distribution channel, designed for a Millennials audience. It adopts a very innovative business model that is the child of digital transformation: social insurance. 

In fact, it is aimed at end consumers with a platform through which groups of people with the same insurance needs are formed and who take out a policy together, obtaining savings and even a give back if there are no claims. The group shares the probability that claims will occur to its members and transparently monitors the savings accrued in real time, thus obtaining a reward and avoiding fraud. 

Recently Axieme, which we’ve already talked about here, launched its equity crowdfunding campaign on the 200crowd platform and immediately got a great response: starting with a minimum collection target of €150,000, it reached it in just 10 days. And after aiming for the second target of €350,000, it also reached the second target 3 weeks after the launch, with the consequence that it has relaunched further towards its maximum target of €500,000. At the end of the campaign, now being validated, it reached €505,000. 

 “An exceptional result – said Edoardo Monaco, CEO of Axieme – we have worked hard for but which we never expected to achieve in such a short time. This shows that the market is ready for a revolutionary idea, and even investors are noticing it. The investments come even from overseas, among the investors in fact, appears (says the company) even a Business Angel from Silicon Valley with an important track-record in successful startups. 

“This investment – continues Edoardo – opens Axieme to new scenarios that will allow it to accelerate its growth. The recent launch of Axieme Business, an insurtech service dedicated to companies, and the entry into the company of Massimo Michaud, former CEO of Axa Assicurazioni and Allianz, are just some of the innovations that will contribute, we are certain, to the exponential growth of the startup. 

The startup has also announced that it has recently been admitted to Invitalia’s Smart & Start call for tenders aimed at the best innovative startups in Italy, which will bring to the company’s coffers an additional €508,420, (interest free and 8 year loan + 2 pre-amortization), will further enhance the capital raised in equity, helping to further enhance the share of investors in the crowdfunding campaign. 

Overall, between the new crowdfunding target and the Smart&Start loan, the company puts together about one million new resources that allow it to expand its team, invest in the technological development of the platform and certainly strengthen its marketing operations. 

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