Startup with social impact: how Moodìka promotes blood donation

Finalist of the 2018 edition of Open F@b Call4Ideas, the contest launched by BNP Paribas Cardif, the startup has created the SmartDONOR platform that connects donors and associations for blood donation and makes the donor’s activity more efficient and easier by supporting the ‘blood system’

Published on 02 Dec 2019

Concetta Desando


“An innovative startup with a social vocation”. Fulvio Miraglia doesn’t think twice when it comes to describing Moodìka, the startup he founded together with his friend Marco Cannemi in 2014. A startup born in the province of Caltanissetta that has created an innovative solution for the creation and enhancement of the largest Italian community of blood donors. An enterprise of positive impact innovation, therefore. It is no coincidence that the Sicilian startup was selected among the finalists of the 2018 edition of Open F@b Call4Ideas, the contest launched by BNP Paribas Cardif and dedicated, last year, to this very theme.  

The history of the startup 

“Start-ups are born like all companies with a social vocation: you identify a problem or a social emergency and look for a solution,” says Miraglia. Management engineer, 42 years old, originally from the province of Caltanissetta, Miraglia knows the president of the local headquarters of Fidas, associations for voluntary blood donors. It is he who tells the two friends (today the founders of the startup) the problems encountered by associations such as Fidas: “The national blood transfusion system faces problems such as the progressive aging of the population, the decrease in supply and the increase in demand for blood, the lack of involvement of young people that prevents the generational turnover of donors, the contrast between the culture of spontaneity, the basis of voluntary blood donation and territorial planning,” says the entrepreneur engineer. The two guys start thinking about how technology can contribute to the solution of these problems and, in 2014, they found Moodìka in Sicily. The design idea, therefore, stems from a need felt in Caltanissetta (as in the rest of Southern Italy): the need to increase voluntary blood donations, currently insufficient, in order to better manage the requests coming from hospital services. 

“The name of the startup comes from ‘muddrica‘, a term that in Sicilian dialect means ‘crumb’ or, better, ‘bread crumb'” continues the co-founder. The message of the startup, in fact, is that we can all – and must – do our part with a small gesture and a donation. 

To achieve this goal, the startup has created SmartDonor, a platform that connects donors and associations for blood donation. With benefits and advantages for both. 

How SmartDonor works 

Through the web platform and an app for tablets and smartphones, SmartDonor offers blood donors and donor associations a free and comprehensive set of features that combine information and socializing aspects with the dynamics of promoting, planning and rationalizing blood collection. The platform created by Moodìka, in fact, helps to ensure greater involvement and loyalty of young people to trigger the generational turnover of donors. Not only that. SmartDonor also contributes to the spread of the culture of planned and rational donation in order to obtain a better management of the flow of donations and the respect of planning based on real territorial needs. 

The advantages, therefore, are for both realities that the platform connects: associations and volunteers. In the first case, the association operator can manage the activities in an immediate and efficient way and, at the same time, increase and retain its community. SmartDonor allows you to upload and manage your collection points on the map (opening hours, reception capacity, real blood requirements, etc.), receive and manage donation schedules from donors (confirm, suggest other dates, etc.) related to your collection points, send communications about associations and alerts for blood emergencies to selected groups of donors, automatically send update and thank you messages to individual donors for donations made, send the analysis in digital format. 

As far as the donor is concerned, through SmartDonor they can manage the activities autonomously and efficiently, be always informed and aware, feel constantly a member of a community and act as an effective instrument of promotion and awareness. What? In practice, the donor can see on the map the headquarters and collection points of the Associations and their real needs for blood in the area, see how to reach the collection points highlighted on the map, plan their donations based on real needs and their history, connect their schedules with the smartphone calendar, save your donation history, receive analyses, receive news, alerts for blood emergencies, updates, thanks for donations made and for your commitment as a donor, share on social networks your activities and all communications received from associations, receive the association digital card. 


Moodìka is a startup that has not gone unnoticed in the Italian ecosystem. In addition to being one of the finalists of the 2018 edition of Open F@b Call for Ideas, in fact, since 2014 he has received several grants and awards. In 2015, the startup was selected for the Incubation category of the Marzotto Prize, in 2016 it’s the turn of Welfare Che Impresa! for the Southern Italy category, followed by the acceleration programs Innolabs and Social Challenges in 2017 and 2018 and then the Proof of exellence in 2019. 

The business model 

Just as we are a startup with a social mission, the business model is not based on the payment of apps and a platform: for associations and volunteers, these, in the basic versions, are free of charge” explains the founder. He anticipates: “We are working on advanced versions with services based on data analytics and machine learning: it is on these that we want to build a real business model” concludes the CEO of Moodìka, Fulvio Miraglia. 

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