SysDev, the startup that secures the buildings with the IoT

Born in Italy and raised in the incubator I3P in Turin, this young tech company uses the Internet of Things in the building sector to monitor structures. In its targets there are companies, including insurance companies

Published on 01 Jun 2016

Sensors, cloud, big data, analytics, gateway: there is a lot of cutting-edge technology in this young Turin company called SysDev who has just collected half a million investment by Group, Turin-based company that has been operating for more than 20 years in the IT industry, for the final development of the product and the market launch.

Founded in 2015 and incubated at I3P, the incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, SysDev has developed IoT technology solutions for structural and environmental monitoring of buildings, infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels, large buildings and “smart city”, with the aim of improving control of the land and its resilience against catastrophic events.

At the base of SysDev technology there are sensors, which integrated into building materials and environments, perceive every movement and vibration of the structure which are applied to and, thanks to long-range transmitters report in real time any anomalies or criticalities, ensuring a widespread and ongoing monitoring.

The sensors are low cost and this allows to focus on the installation of high quantities of the same, allowing to raise the smartness of the monitoring and management systems, thanks to a greater amount of data collected.

A description of the characteristics of SysDev solutions is available here.

The startup is aimed at customers such as managers of public and historic buildings, or managers of strategic infrastructure such as airports, stations, railways, highways, bridges, tunnels, etc; not only in terms of validation of the security, but for remote control, for the assessment of damage and coordination of rescue in the event of disasters (earthquake, terrorist attack).

SysDev also caters specifically to the insurance industry by proposing the SHM system for the validation of the damage in case of catastrophic events that could also be combined with the possibilities of policy discount, if installed.

The company has forged several alliances with: PTC / Thingworks, platform for the creation and execution of IoT applications, Liquigas for the development of IoT security systems operating in explosive atmospheres, Integrated Device Technology for wireless charging and power solutions Telit for wireless data transmission, and Studio AITEC to develop innovative methods for monitoring and predictive structural and environmental maintenance.

Now the Group input will allow the startup to expand the business structure and to support the bid to become a significant player in the IoT sector.

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