Why Alan, this French insurtech raised 54.5 million euros

Alan offers health policies to citizens and businesses in a fully digitalized way, via smartphone. In a few years it has achieved extraordinary results, yet the future is even brighter. The Covid-19 outbreak has encouraged people to take an interest in their own health, according to Jean-Charles Samuelian, the founder

Published on 15 May 2020

With 77 thousand users, 200 employees and 58 million profits, Alan, the French startup, is getting ready to become a key player in the health insurance market. 

The company was founded in February 2016 by Jean-Charles Samuelian – already in charge of Expliseat – and Charles Gorintin, a data analyst with a background in Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Since then, Alan has already raised a total of 125 million euros to finance its growth. The latest success is a €50 million C-series investment round: a record among French insurtechs, to which companies such as Temasek Holding Private, Singapore, and Index Ventures have contributed. “We started trading before the lockdown,” said Ceo Samuelian in an interview with Le Figaro, “and then we managed all the deals remotely. The investors are motivated, and given us confidence”. 

Alan offers medical insurance policies to citizens, businesses, hotels and restaurants, in a fully digitalized and manageable way via smartphone. Figures are looking bright: in the last year, users have increased from 27,000 to 76,000, and profits by 165%. 

The startup got ready for the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. “Since its founding, Alan has moved to make the healthcare system easy, fair, and human-friendly. In this time of crisis, this approach has become more important than ever. The Covid-19 outbreak has encouraged people to take a greater interest in their own health, making the need to improve the health system on all levels unequivocally clear”, said Samuelian. 

Through Alan’s app is now possible to schedule appointments and speak directly with doctors and professionals through the videoconference service offered in partnership with Livi platform. For instance, it allows patients to renew prescriptions or seek advice without any kind of social contact, thus strongly reducing the risk of contagion. In addition, Alan Map offers the possibility of finding the nearest doctor in a very short time and calculating in advance the expense that will be incurred. The “Coup de Pouce” service, then, offers updated and verified information on the development of the coronavirus emergency, as well as the possibility of following yoga and meditation video lessons with Headspace. 

Now, Alan aims to invest the funds raised in four main areas: improving the policies offered to its clients, promoting the digitalization of medical policies for companies, consolidating its leadership role in the health app market and promoting a long-term project aimed at exporting its services. After Spain and Belgium, the startup aims to reach the main European countries over the next five years. Will it also arrive in Italy? 

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