The new Viasat technology for the insurance market at the Digital360 Awards 2019

Finalist at the Digital360 Awards 2019 the Viasat Group’s technological innovation project aimed at the insurance market, with Cloud and IoT as protagonists. In the first 3 months involved 100 thousand devices (black boxes) by the end of the year will reach 500 thousand

Published on 25 Jul 2019

Viasat, the company active at European level in the offer of satellite security systems, has been offering solutions (based on the use of black box) to insurance companies that allow them to implement new articulated and customizable business models such as Pay Per Use or Pay As You Drive. 

On the occasion of the Digital360 Awards, the contest promoted by the Digital360 group to promote digital innovation in Italy, Viasat presented (and reached the final) for a technological innovation project developed together with Wiit, the company that provides private hosted and hybrid cloud services, and aimed at meeting the new needs of the insurance market, which has been greatly accelerated in recent years. 

The project has provided for the implementation of cloud platforms that respond to the need to manage and process big data reports in real time and the need to build an integrated platform of services for the end user based on artificial intelligence; in addition, a platform was created to test new solutions that would ensure high scalability and availability of resources. 

Specifically, a solution has been implemented that is capable of: 

  • develop an on-demand IT model with modular services to manage the evolution of the service over time; 
  • host all future growth and new companies acquired by Viasat quickly and securely using Wiit data centers and leveraging the security of the Tier IV data center in Milan for the most critical components; 
  • ensure the simplification of architectures and enhance the path of progressive transformation of proprietary platforms; 
  • facilitate access to a wide range of enterprise-class technologies to ensure high performance and performance in a modular way according to operational needs and to guarantee the performance of new technologies developed by Viasat; 
  • The project started in January of this year and in the first 3 months it involved 100 thousand devices, by the end of the year it will reach 500 thousand. 

Among the peculiarities of this solution, there is a pricing model not based on generic technological KPIs (processors, RAM, throughput, storage, processing per second), but on business performance indicators. The aim was to enable Viasat to enable a business model in which the underlying costs followed the revenues in a mirror-like manner. 

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