Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021, the Digital Battle is still on: here are the players of the second round

Inspector, Tiassisto24, Baboop, Insurance4music, Cristail and Italcare are challenging each other with the pitch of their projects for “More Accessible Insurance” in the second round of the Digital Battle: here are their innovative ideas 

Published on 22 Oct 2021

One minute to win a spot in the closing round: it’s time for the second group of startups taking part in the Digital Battle of Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021, the innovation contest by BNP Paribas Cardif with InsuranceUp and PNICube, this year in its 8th edition. 

Once the voting for the first group has closed, Inspector, Tiassisto24, Baboop, Insurance4music, One T and From October 19th to 25th, video presentations of their innovative ideas can be viewed on the call’s official website, and users can vote for the most compelling ones. 

Here is the link to vote for the semifinalists of Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021 

The 3 most voted projects of each group will access the final, together with a deserving startup repechaged through an internal poll, for a total of 10 finalists who will compete on November 25th to determine the winners of the 2021 edition. 

Here’s what the startups competing this week are up to. 

Open-f@b Call4Ideas 2021, the startups of the second group of the Digital Battle 


Inspector is a Code Execution Monitoring tool, a debugging tool that helps software developers detect problems and malfunctions in business applications, even before customers are aware of them. 


Tiassisto24 has developed Drivers Services Platform (DSP), an AI- and Machine Learning-based micro-services technology platform for vehicle management to track expiration, fines, insurance products, car fixes and payments. 

It is designed for modular and scalable configuration of end-to-end solutions for B2B, B2B2C and B2C channels through an infrastructure of APIs and white label solutions. 


Baboop is an innovative and dynamic digital insurance dedicated to the protection of pets. 

It allows you to create tailored policies through dedicated consultants or conveniently online. Moreover, thanks to its network of affiliated clinics, in case of veterinary expenses it can be used to pay the clinic directly. 


Insurance4music was born from the combination of different experiences in IT, music and insurance to offer to all musicians, professionals and enthusiasts, the opportunity to find the ideal insurance for musical instruments for their needs. 

It is a comparator dedicated to the world of music, which allows customers to search for a policy and join in a few steps, completely online. 


Cristail develops proprietary AI-based investment strategies to support banks and investment firms. 

Through the implementation of machine learning and deep learning techniques, it offers innovative tools for asset managers, automated systems for investing in financial markets and supporting investment decisions. 


Italcare presents AmaliaCare, which has realized a recruiting algorithm to identify for each family the most suitable caregiver to manage a specific situation, using predictive analytics among hundreds of candidates

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