#DonateProfitToStopHate, a new campaign to stop cyberbulling and haters

The initiative has been launched by the Italian legaltech startup COP-Chi odia paga, combining the development of legal digital tools to protect victims exposed to online violence with support for collaboration and education. Projects by associations and non-profit organizations will be funded through crowdfunding

Published on 05 Aug 2020

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Chi Odia Paga (COP) is the first Italian legaltech platform able to defend both legally and informatically the victims of online hatred. It is an innovative startup, with a social vocation, also financed by the Italian impact investing venture capital OltreVenture, and willing to share all the value generated by the whole community and the third sector to fight online hatred. 

One of Chi Odia Paga goals is to create a “network of good”, able to welcome all community players who can and want to contribute not only to the creation of specific initiatives but, above all, to educate users to an aware use of social media, remembering, as Francesco Inguscio CEO of COP points out, that “to stop the hater the law and those who know how to apply it are needed, to stop hatred education and those who know how to spread it are needed”. 

COP approach is very handy: it has created a mechanism called “Una Buona Causa” (A Good Cause) through which projects presented by Italian associations, non-profit organizations, etc., aimed at prevention, awareness and education to fight online hatred are regularly shortlisted. The best projects, chosen through the online public voting, can launch a crowdfunding campaign on COP proprietary platform. 

The first online vote, involving almost 3,000 voters, awarded the project “New Wild Web – The weapons of cyberbullying”: a theatrical show dedicated to the issue of cyberbullying with an interactive and multimedia feature staged by Puntozero, a Milan based team of young convicts. 

In support of this and upcoming crowdfunding campaigns, Chi odia paga launches also the hashtag #DonateProfitToStopHate, Italian reaction to #stophateforprofit. 

For some weeks now, the “Stop Hate For Profit” campaign has been underway in the United States, joining which a large number of corporations, including the Coca-Cola Company and Unilever, have provisionally reduced their advertising budgets intended for the main social media outlets, in their opinion, not doing enough to censor the hate messages spreading on the Net. “Donate Profit To Stop Hate” is the proactive response of Chi Odia Paga through which companies in Italy can systematically donate part of their profits to fight hatred, proving to have social responsibility and supporting initiatives of education, prevention and fight against online hatred and haters. 

What can companies that want to join do effectively? 

Companies and Foundations willing to stand out on online hate issues in a proactive and constructive way can join the #DonateProfitToStopHate campaign and support other projects currently on “Una Buona Causa” that are just waiting for a partner to start: they will do good to civil community and prove to have a real corporate social responsibility. 

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