Insurtech: easier insurance claims with Claider, the Italian app

Insurance claims does not have a precise standard and is always an annoying task for every insured person. Insurtech startup Claider has developed an App to simplify the process for customers and insurance brokers, reducing after-sales service costs

Published on 08 Aug 2019

Barbara Bosco


Every year there are about 30 million claims in Italy, almost all of us have had the opportunity to see how the methods for reporting insurance are varied and most of the time complicated: there are those who rely on the call center or online forms, or more often call their insurer over and over again.  

The claim management is just as demanding for the insurance intermediary, it takes time and resources away, resulting in high costs. 

Digital claims management has long since begun, but often only covers part of the process and of course only part of it has made claim management easier and more efficient. 

The Italian insurtech startup Claider, whose slogan is ‘any damage, no worries’, has developed a solution to meet the needs of policyholders and insurers with a platform made up of App, aimed at users, and ClaiderNET CMR designed for the claims agent (not only insurance brokers, but also companies, condominium administrators, fleet managers, public administrators …). In short, it is a claim management platform. 

The App is a personal assistant helping the insured to collect all the useful elements for a clear and complete claim, when the damage occurs. For any claim and any policy, of any Company. 

Pros: A clear and complete report speeds up the process to open the claim at the Company and shortens the time to obtain any refund. 

The CRM ClaiderNET allows the management of claims via WEB. 

Pros: real-time management saves time and, above all, reduces after-sales costs by up to 97% of the current ones. 

The startup, running since 2018 with the App Claider, is the first insurtech application of its kind in Italy. Later ClaiderNET was launched as a tailor-made management tool for insurance brokers and claims managers. Apps and CMR work together to make the whole process easier and more effective, from reporting the claim (supported by the App) to the digital management of the claim documents, up to the opening of the dossier at the Company. 

Customer-side the App is free, while insurance intermediary has to pay about 40 euros per month for the management of 400 policies, against a 97% reduction in after-sales and customer service costs, according to the company. 

In April 2019 Claider won the award for best Insurtech in Italy at the Italy Insurance Forum and was a semi-finalist at the Acord Challenge in London, the award for global innovation in insurance technology. 

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